How to Earn Maximum BTC Per Month

To earn Maximum BTC per month is dream of every person who claim in bitcoin faucets.It is not easy to boost up your earning in short time.Here i will share a trick that how you can increase you earning from faucet.

Which things are Required ?
  1. A good Bitcoin Address
  2. Time Management
  3. Coinsbell Rotator
What is Coinsbell Rotator?

In this Rotator sites are arranged in such a way that if you claim on one site then other site will available for next claim without wasting any time.

  • Fast and Easy to Understand
  • Consume less time and Earn more
  • All working sites gathered in one place
  • Exact time calculation and easy calculate your BTC
  • From highest time Day to shortest time 5 min sites
  • Sites are arranged according to time calculations and benefits
  • Weekly updated working sites are available
Important steps:

You do not need to get stressed about how to work on this rotator.We have simply created a pack system for you.For this reason this rotator is different from other rotators.We always try to keep our bitcoin faucet rotator update.We eliminate those sites which are not paying (if you see anyone then you can also report us).

Coinsbell Rotator is based on pack system.What is pack system now?

We have arranged all sites in three packs according to their Timing of each claim.

  • Pack 1

    Contain All working sites of ADS viewing and 1 DAY,12 hour,or 4 hour(Means very long timing for which you can claim only one times per day).

  • Pack 2

    Contain All working sites which start from 1 Hours to 10 Mins(Means less longer timing for than pack 1).

  • Pack 3

    Contain All working sites of 5 Mins and 10,20,30,1 Hours etc.Repeated again and again for paying no more time on each claim (Means short timing sites than Pack 2).

We also gave instruction what to do next when you complete each Pack.

You need to follow instructions below to earn Maximum BTC by using Coinsbell Rotator.

  1. First of all,complete ‘Bitcoin Pack 1’.
  2. Then,complete ‘Bitcoin Pack 2’.
  3. Finally,complete ‘Bitcoin Pack 3’.
  4. Pack 3 must be completed in 1 Hour and 10 Minutes.
  5. That,s all.All this work must be done in 5:20.
  6. Then if you want to work more then you can repeat Pack 3 Everytime.