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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin through LocalBitcoin | Coinsbell Blog

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin through LocalBitcoin

You need to rely on features of LocalBitcoin but why?Today as you know bitcoin is very famous on all over the world.You want to convert your cash into electrical currency in order to  get profit form it or for other purposes.But it will not be easy to buy bitcoins.If you are using Credit Cards to purchase it then it might possible you will fall into big issues.The reason is that there are one or two sites which allows you to buy small amount of bitcoin.While jumble of them required to put a big order.Then another problem of acceptance of cards and from which countries you are belonging.

Then you seeks toward a point to buy bitcoins locally.So that you can send cash easily in your own currency and get bitcoins instantly.There will be many sites to buy bitcoins locally.But problems are listed below:

  • Websites are limited to 12 or 13 countries.
  • Prices are much high.
  • Problems of finding a seller.
  • Normally 2% to 10% fees.
  • Buying Limits.
  • High privacy required sometimes become confusing.

To buy bitcoins locally is quick and easiest method.You do not need to uploading personal data on some sites(like credit cards,Identity documents).Exchange of cash and money can be very easy.

What is required to buy bitcoin Locally?
  • Bitcoin Address to store bitcoins.
  • A best exchange site to purchase bitcoins.

The best site which allows you to buy and sell bitcoin globally is:


It allows you to trade from real person with cash quickly.It has earned a reputation of best marketplace since 2012.There is about 200,000 Traders. Localbitcoin allows to proceed all Transaction methods online.You can only chat with Trader for selling or purchasing of bitcoins.

  • Fast,Secure and Reliable.
  • No personal additional information required.
  • Buy bitcoins with cash deposit.
  • Low Fees.
  • Highly Trusted.
  • High privacy.
  • Globally Places available.
  • All payments method of local region are available for buying and selling.
  • No hide and seek only talk directly with Trader.
  • No need of bank account branch.
  • Can protect buyers by LocalBitcoin Escrow.
  • Might become difficult to buy large amount.
  • Follow the rules to avoid scams.
  • Mostly buyers offer less bitcoin on more cash (get profits) than original trade.
Important steps:

Brief guide to purchase bitcoins from Local Bitcoins is:

  1. Choose a best offer or a person who is willing to sell bitcoins near your area.(Search options are available to select location and range of amount in which you want to trade.)
  2. After setting purchase target click on “Buy” button and place an order.After placing your order will be locked until you cancel or complete it.
  3. Receive information and payment method provided by seller through which you can send cash to him.
  4. Send cash to seller.
  5. Upload a receipt as a prove.
  6. After receiving cash from your side,seller will release bitcoin on your Bitcoin Address (in LocalBitcoin or given by your choice).
  7. If you are seller then you need to post a trade with legal information.Then your advertisement will display to all other Bitcoin Buyers.

Local Bitcoin is famous around the world for its simplicity and secure Transaction way.There is no pits and crack in it.Seller required to verify its identity.It makes your payment more secure and descend scams to zero.If you are seeking for a site then LocalBitcoin will be right choice for its number one features than other locally Bitcoin selling sites.