How to use Coinsbell Bitcoin Estimator

When you start your working on faucet then you must expect a earn a lot of satoshi from.You even calculate and multiply earning of the days.Just design a cloud and put stuff more and more BTC in your wallet.Well that’s will be just imagination.You always looks for a practical application how to calculate our daily earning.In this article we will discuss about a new created Bitcoin Estimator.

Coinsbell bitcoin estimator comes with great number of features.Now you can easily manipulate and estimate earning from hundred of sites with just typing one or two words.

  • Estimate bitcoins.
  • Work more accurately.
  • Only one application of its category.
  • Tell you everything about how to work.
  • Manipulate earnings with time of each claim.
  • You can easily add or remove sites.
  • Easily changeable per claim rate of sites.
  • Also estimate your income in USD.
  • Changeable per BTC value for exact income estimate in USD.
  • Tell you how many hours you should work daily to earn your desired amount of BTC.
Important steps:

The working process of Coinsbell Bitcoin Estimator is very simple.

  1. You need to enter your desired time in block next to “Please Enter the time you want to work”.(It will be in Hours).
    Note:It is important to note that in this Estimator,100 or more working sites are arranged which are present in our Coinsbell Rotator.But you can also change it according to your own will.
  2. Second you need to enter your time taken by website to complete a claim in block next to “Please Enter the time taken by each claim:”(It will be in Mins).
    Note:This Estimator will give total hours more than you type in block next to the statement “You neeed total hour to work:”.The reason is that it adds the time of Pack 1 (If you did not know about pack 1 then read article Maximum BTC per Month).And second total number of sites are 100.You cannot complete claims on all sites in one hour.If you type one hour then your total time to work will be greater.In other words actual time will greater than your theoretical time.(Including time of pack 1 and time of claim on hundreds of sites).
  3. Moreover,You can easily change per claim rate of each site by writing it how much satoshi they are paying now.And you can also enter present value of one BTC to  get updated income of a day or even a month.

Truly speaking now Coinsbell Bitcoin Estimator fulfill all demands and comes in unique style with great fun and features.Just a time to put your dreams into reality.