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Learns some Basic about Bitcoin Scams

If you have bitcoins then the major issue is to store it and invest it securely.You ever search a place of profits and are willing to test it.You always think that i should try to invest some coins there.Perhaps, these sites will give you profit primarily.But actually they will urge you to invest more and more.And this curse will cover you up from all side.Finally you can caught in a big loss.Hold down so a few minutes to get experience from such flaws.Bitcoin Scams is trending question of now a days.

Your question must be whether i should pay to sites or still away from it.If we move on then which sites will be suitable?Well, there is simple answer that i can just aware you from Bitcoin Scams sites.Here i will explain some sites that posed itself to be legitimate but full of deceives.In next more article,i will also tell you more bitcoin scams sites and how to prevent from it.

This is legitimate posing sites showing its platform form LocalBitcoin.There is no extra information available for the users.This sites ask you only to save it in bookmarks.Ensure you not access on LocalBitcoins API Key,Session Cookie,or gather personal Information.There seems to be some issues in bookmarklet.

Some users claimed that this site run a bit javascript that has potentially malicious content.Three is no positive feedback about Safe Trader.It might possible that they take information of localbitcoin API in some way.Because users can see Bitcoin Balance.You LocalBitcoin wallet can be empty soon.SafeTrader also ask verification code related to LocalBitcoin platform.There is no report but possibly wallets of more people are affected.Just need to stay away.


Another emerging cloud bitcoin mining in the world.But is not supported by facts.HashRev is not providing any proof of payments and also information about its mining hardware.So we cannot trust on this.Even after signup,this site is not providing any information about their mining.This is famous reason of scam.There is also no data about the residence and official registration number of this company.In short,working in complete transparency.


What a great pleasure to double your bitcoins!!Such sites are booming sharply.But need to hold down here.These sites also do scam.Try to gather your money and eventually disappear.Same is the case for will soon run out of money.There is no company information on its site.WHOIS record is not revealing much details.Less number of transactions ,1222 payouts.

How this company will get you to believe on them for 48 hours money back.Possible that will not pay you after one hour.Success stories are mentioned.Bitcoin “Generate Address” button is given.When click then it say”Please enter your bitcoin address “.Surprising maximum deposit of 1 BTC.Its mean that they will give you 2 BTC after 48 hours.Such a ridiculous thing how they give us by doing something in this short time.No one invested more than 0.15 BTC.Pay users their original investment.Not even a single transaction is seems to be of doubling bitcoins.Not much information is given how they double these coins or what they do.Ranking is much low.Almost a transparent site to avoid from it.


It will not wise to carry on with such a sites.There is no need to taste the pleasure of it.Don’t do your investment for it is sign of loosing money.Always try to check a legitimate proof of any website in which you want to add some coins.